Our understanding

In a quickly changing world non-profits face different challenges that push them to their limits in order to maximize their results.
Non-profits receive less support from governments and institutions and need to find new ways to answer their needs.
To raise more funds from individuals in a efficient way facing growing competition.
Never before there where so many ways and tools to communicate with supporters but it has never been so hard to build a long term relationship.

Our Vision

Data driven technology could significantly contribute to change our world
and help nonprofits in a positive and secure way.

Our Mission

In an ethical way, we are committed to make this data driven technology available for nonprofits thanks to SaaS solutions that are fast, flexible, secure and affordable to use so they can build long lasting relationship, raise the maximum of funds and get the best return on their investments.

Our Values


We believe trust is one of the most important value in a relationship and especially in a long lasting relationship.
Trust includes therefore in our World Security, Data Confidentiality, Reliability, Scalability and Transparency.


We believe that a relationship is depending of the value you are getting from it.
We hardly work so our clients can get the maximum value from our solutions.


We believe that failure is a key to innovation.
Each failure is a chance for learning.
Each mistakes and errors are stones that build wisdom.
We are in a permanent challenge to get the best performance.