Digital Fundraising: The Importance of a Payment Tool

Presented by iRaiser & VaLa ry – Finnish Fundraising Association



More than likely, your organization has already begun collecting donations online. However, too often nonprofits are not in tune with their donors’ digital fundraising needs, and this has real impacts on fundraising growth and conversion. 

Many charities are cancelling in-person fundraising events due to distancing guidelines and are accepting the loss in income.
But you don’t have to!
The increase in online giving has been consistent year after year, telling us that there is a growing preference to give through digital channels. Now is the time to implement digital solutions into your fundraising program to raise more for your cause.

Date: Tuesday, May 4th, 2021
Time: 10am to 11am (EET, Helsinki time)
Cost: Free
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Event details

In this free webinar, you will get practical knowledge and great examples on how to raise more for your nonprofit through an integrated payment tool with a direct focus on digital fundraising.

With online giving growing across organizations of all sizes, you can’t afford to lose out on all the people willing to click “donate.” Our speakers Loui and Konsta will guide you through the steps on how to implement a payment tool capturing those potential donors that visit your website.

Get inspired by Loui Ohlendorff, iRaiser’s Digital Fundraising expert, who has a background working as a former digital fundraiser in different organizations, including UNHCR. Loui has valuable experience in all aspects of fundraising, and at this webinar he will show you the benefits of implementing a payment tool into your fundraising program, by showcasing successful campaigns.

Konsta Erola is a fundraising professional with 15 years of experience in individual giving. In 2020 Konsta founded Kipinä to help NGO’s with marketing and fundraising. He will talk you through the most important strategic thoughts to consider before starting to collect donations online. Konsta will also share his top tips on how to build a successful online fundraising program.


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Konsta Erola


Kipina Marketing

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Loui Ohlendorff (host)

Nordics Account Manager: Denmark & Finland


What is Tech, Talk & Teach

Tech, Talk & Teach is a series of webinars and events hosted by iRaiser Nordic in collaboration with our local partners and clients to inspire best practices in digital fundraising. Attending participants will walk away with practical tips to aid in the ever-evolving digital transformation specific to the Nordics. Fundraising professionals, digital fundraisers and those wishing to raise more online; museums, schools & universities, non-profits as well as cultural & religious institutions are encouraged to attend.

Registrations to the webinar are now closed!