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Data and trends of digital fundraising in Italy & France

Thursday, 8th October 2020
12:00 – 12:45

[The webinar will be in English]

It’s always interesting to look at what our neighbours do… and that’s what we are going to do during this session!
The French and Italian markets have always had similarities, however, digital development of fundraising in France began about a decade earlier than in Italy.

Together with three special guests, the perfect Italian & French trifecta, we will analyse the digital transformation that has shaken up the fundraising industry because of Covid-19, and we will reflect on the future of Italian fundraising.

Yaële Aferiat

President of the Association Française des Fundraisers

Simona Biancu

Simona Biancu

Vice-president di ASSIF – the Italian Fundraising Association

Patrice Simonnet

Patrice Simonnet

Deputy Director for Strategic Marketing and Digital Innovation – Fondo Ambiente Italiano

The unprecedented pandemic that took place in 2020 prompted us to collect and analyse data on online donations received by our clients in France. We monitored the French situation from the beginning of the lockdown in March, as it is the only of iRaiser’s markets with enough clients to be statistically relevant.

The result is a comparison of funds raised in March through May 2019 vs. 2020 by clients who have been using the Payment solution at least since March 2019.

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