With this final mini-benchmark analysis, we follow the evolution of online donations in France since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis.

The final edition of the mini-benchmark analysis, carried out by our team, covers the period from April 15 to May 31, 2020.

62 nonprofits using the iRaiser payment solution during April & May 2019 and April & May 2020 were selected for this mini benchmark.

An ample wave of generosity continued throughout the duration of the lockdown and slowed considerably after May 11th, the date the lockdown ended in France.

During these two months of lockdown, the French proved to be particularly generous: the combined total of funds raised over this period amounted to more than €67 million! To put things into perspective, this amount represents more than 43% of the total funds raised in 2019!

These figures are all the more remarkable as they exclude the very large number of donations made to the Fondation de France, hospitals and medical research associations with Covid-19 related research projects (already clients in 2019).

It is clearly the digital sector that has emerged as the big winner from this unprecedented crisis, which has had the effect of considerably accelerating the digitalization of the fundraising sector, probably irreversibly.

Together, we have written a story of hope and unity

During the most intense months of the Covid-19 pandemic, we witnessed a never-before-seen outpouring of generosity from all around the world.

Our clients all over Europe received a total of 900,000 donations through our platform, raising an extraordinary 80 million euros for various different causes. These acts of kindness gave hope to many and helped save numerous lives.
Each and every one of us has helped in some way fight this global emergency, and together we wrote a story of hope and unity.

So we want to say thank you to all the people who participated in any way during the global health crisis!