They are using iRaiser’s Payment platform for their fundraising campaigns aimed at financing various types of projects: supporting  places of worship and staff, funding religious charities, conducting health research, helping people in need, renovating and supporting real estate inheritance… Here are five of the latest religious institutions who chose to use our solutions.

Dioceses and religious communities

In France, the generosity of the people has been the main resource of the Catholic Church since 1905. They rely on their faithful community to support their monuments and provide for their monks’ needs. Here are the latest diocesan customers that joined us:

Aix-Arles’ Diocese

Aix-Arles’ Diocese’s origins date back from the 1st century. It has 120 parishes.

Dijon’s Diocese

The Dijon’s Diocese was built in 1731.

The Community of Saint John

Created in 1975n the Community of Saint John’s Brothers is located in more than thirty countries all over the globe (63 priories) and gathers 540 brothers.

They are joining other Dioceses which are already fundraising online with iRaiser’s Payment: Toulouse’s DioceseAvignon’s Diocèse, Créteil’s Diocese, and  Alençon’s Sanctuary which belongs to the Seez’s Diocese.

One sector, varied profiles and activity fields

Among our customers that are part of, or linked to, religious institutions, there are, of course, dioceses, churches, and sanctuary, but that’s not it. There are also research and medical institutes, universities and schools, and even organizations in charge of architectural heritages. iRaiser is pleased to welcome:

Hôpitaux de la Catho’s Foundation

The Hôpitaux de la Catho‘s Foundation is the result of the gathering of several health and social activists around the Catholic Institute of Lille, which is also an iRaiser customer. This foundation supports projects that are health and health-related such as:

  • research projects,
  • trainings,
  • cultural projects,
  • biomedical and hospital material purchases, 
  • real estate projects,
  • caring programmes for patients, their families and care assistant and attendants 

Chantiers du Cardinal

Chantiers du Cardinal has been supporting and contributing to building, renovation and imporvement projects for the Churche’s architectural heritages since 1931. They help Dioceses achieving and financing those projects.

Payment has many other users that are part of, or linked to, religious institutions: Fondation Nationale pour le Clergé,  Fondation KTO TVSociété Saint Vincent de Paul , CCFD-Terre SolidaireFoyer Notre-Dame des Sans-Abri

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