iRaiser is pleased to introduce three of its new customers, all involved in health related activities. Some of them are using sport to galvanize and get their donors to support their fight, others organize international events around public health issues and medical innovation. All of them chose to use iRaiser’s software solutions for their online fundraising.

The French Academy of Medicine Foundation

The French Academy of Medicine Foundation (FAM) was created to promote partnerships between French medicine and medicine from all over the world. Officially recognized as a public interest organization by the French Authorities in 2013, it has participated ever since into the spreading of French medicine and of its image abroad. The FAM plays an active part into the acceleration of the diffusion of advanced medical practices and organizes events, worldwide: forums and symposiums about public health issues and medical innovation.

ELA - the European Leukodystrophies Association

The European Leukodystrophies Association (ELA) has been working since 1992 for gathering, assist and support families affected by leukodystrophy. ELA organized on October the 8th its charity connected race: #MetsTesBaskets. More than 4000 people participated in this race and more than 150 000km were run for the cause.

Race For Life

Race For Life is a charity bike marathon in support of cancer research in Switzerland. Anyone can take a part in this challenge, no matter their sport skills. You can choose your circuit among 3 different one – based on their lenght and height differences – and run your personal fundraidsing page in support of research. The 2017 Race for Life is over, get ready for next year’s that will happen on September 9th 2018. 

Payment is iRaiser's online payment platform with which you can create unlimited payment forms for donations, subscription, sponsorship etc.

  • No installation requirements: Payment works on every up-to-date browser
  • No integration needed: forms simply use direct URL
  • Payment is commercialized as a subscription, without commitment, and with a clear and transparent pricing.

Payment exists in two different offers: Starter and Premium. Call us in order to know which version suits best your organization, goals, and budgets.

iGive is iRaiser’s social fundraising platform, it has two modules: Peer to peer fundraising and Crowdfunding.

The Peer to peer fundraising module makes it possible for your organization to turn your sympathizers into active fundraising actors. Organize events (free or paid) so that they can create their personal fundraising pages and raise funds for your cause among their family, relatives, friends, co-workers… You can also let them fundraise to celebrate important events of their lives, such as births, weddings or anniversaries…

  • IGive works with iRaiser’s Payment platform
  • You can subscribe to any of iGive’s module: Peer to Peer fundraising and Crowdfunding, or both, it’s up to you!
  • No commissions or fees on the gifts you’ll get through iGive: it is 100% yours

Call us in order to know which module suits best your organization, goals, and budgets.